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There is Work for More Volunteers Now!

When the Trust first took over ownership of the Football Club in 2012, there was a rush of fans and members coming forward offering to do various things both on match-days and at other times.

Due to existing contractual arrangements, not all of these offers could then be taken up and many fans may have wondered why they put themselves forward.

However things are gradually changing and the ‘time and talents‘ of our fans will be required if we are to continue to stabilise the club and more it forward towards a successful (fan-owned) future.

Much has already been achieved around the ground under the watchful eye of John Derben and his band of volunteers.

IMAG0326In two recent weekends some of the overgrown grass banks around the car park have been cut back. This team have two more dates planned:

                          Sundays 25th October and 9th November

A few more volunteers are required to help on those dates. If you have not already given John your name please let him know if you can come.

Also Sandie is looking for 2 additional car park money collectors on match days on the upper car park.
They need to be in place by 12noon leaving by 2.50pm in order to see the kick-off, so stewards then take over.
You receive a food and drink voucher and a suitable jacket will be provided.
If you can help please contact Sandie through this e-mail  j.derben123@btinternet.com or by phoning 01494 441145

Many thanks


More Badges on Sale + Get Your Frame

v NORTHAMPTONThe Matchday Badges will again be on sale before Saturday’s game vs Northampton Town. Look for the stall in the usual spot just inside the Adams Park gates.

Terry will be watching his beloved AFC Wimbledon who are also at home this Saturday, but Alan and Ben will be running the stall and should have everything you need.

Badge Board 1They also have a wide range of WWFC themed badges as you can see from the Board picture (left) . These include the special Wembley badges commemorating our Play Off Final visit there this year. Numbers for this badge are limited so get yours soon!

2014-15 FrameIf you have a badge collection from either last season or are building one up this time around, then Terry will be able to sell you a frame that takes them all to proudly display on your wall at home. These frames will cost £19 each. Only a limited number are held but Terry will take orders and supply.

Click all pictures to enlarge.


Match Days in the Vere Suite

trust logo 003 wwfc our heritageThis season our table will be manned by the Trust directors on a rotational basis and you will therefore have the opportunity to talk to different directors prior to each home match.

For the next few matches:

  • NorthamptonSaturday 3rd OctoberTrevor Stroud and Alan Cecil
  • NewportTuesday 20th OctoberColin Treacher and John Derben
  • Carlisle – Saturday 24th October – David Cook and James Sumner

The table will be manned from 12.45pm to 2.45 pm on Saturdays and from 6pm to 7.30pm for evening matches.

As always, we will be pleased to discuss any topics including membership of the Trust and our very popular Community Share Scheme. Other Trust directors may well be around too .


Bring Your Party to a Party

WWFC ChristmasAdams Park Conference Centre is once again hosting four Pre-Christmas Party Nights to kick off the festive season in style.

Read more at this link  or click on the poster to the right to enlarge it.


Help Promote Our Next Few Home Games

scan0022Help spread the word about the next six fixtures coming up at Adams Park.

Click here to download the poster

Simply download the poster via the link above, print it off and distribute it wherever you can – your workplace, school, sports club, local gym, pub, shopping centre, community notice board etc.

Thanks for your help.


Are YOU Getting Your Share?

scan0018If you are one of the 250 Wycombe Wanderers Trust members who have already signed up to support the Community Share Scheme, then we wish to say a big thank-you!

In just over 5 months since the Share Scheme was launched, there has been a terrific response from our members and with £682k now committed, we are already more than one third of the way towards our target.

We set ourselves a target to raise £2,000,000 over 5 years “to improve the capital base of the Trust in order for it to invest in its assets WWFC and FALL” by using a community share structure to:

  • Ensure the club remains in fans’ ownership with the provision of a capital injection to re-finance the Football Club
  • Provide resources to improve the profitability of the business and the management structure of the Football Club
  • Invest in improved conference and matchday facilities to improve the attraction of Adams Park as an alternative event venue
  • Widen the community ownership of the Football Club and its social benefit

Already we are seeing the benefits of the £330k of Share Scheme money that has been banked, with the Football Club finances heading towards a more stable position and a number of visible improvements being made around the stadium. These will continue as more funds come in.

The Share Scheme is set up so that anyone can invest at any level and if necessary spread their payments over the next 5 years.

We started off with a good number of members wanting to donate their £10 a year subscription EACH MONTH and most of those people have now turned those donations into share purchases to build up a good number of shares over the coming five years.

At the outset it was a simple calculation that if 1000 members each were able to invest £2000, then we would quickly and easily reach our target. Thanks to those who have put in a ‘lump sum’ – some have invested £2000, some have paid more and some less but all are much appreciated.

If we are to continue to ensure Community ownership, then we do need to keep progressing towards our target and hence this message is now being put out to our membership.

So Are YOU Getting Your Share?

Do please consider if you can help in anyway by either setting up a 5-year payment plan (monthly or annually) or by donating a one-off payment of whatever you can. The minimum investment is £100 and the maximum is £100,000.

If you can, then the forms are on our website page –click here – where you can also find the brochure and all the associated background information.

Any questions can be emailed to shares@wycombewandererstrust.com

We believe that by raising extra capital through these Community Shares to invest in the Club, we can turn a business that has traditionally lost money into one built on firm foundations making a profit and make sure the Club remains owned by you, the fans.

Many thanks for any help you can give.

NIgel KingstonTrust Directors will be at the Trust Table in the Vere Suite before each home game to receive your application or to answer any questions.

Nigel Kingston
Chairman – Share Issue Marketing Group



Grab a Sponsorship Opportunity

wwfc 1We are told there are still a few opportunities left to sponsor a player’s kit, the matchball or indeed the match itself.

Click on any of the following links to find out more or call 01494 455766 or email commercial@wwfc.com


A ‘Simple Guide’ to the WW Trust

trust logo 003 wwfc our heritageFollowing our recent AGM, some members were asking for clarification on what are the separate responsibilities and duties of the Trust and of the Football Club.

A small group from the Trust Board, led by new Trust Director Dale Jenkins have put together the following which we hope will be useful:


The Basic Structure

Wycombe Wanderers Trust took over Wycombe Wanderers Football Club on 29th June 2012 from Steve Hayes.

Wycombe Wanderers Trust owns Wycombe Wanderers FC (the trading entity) and Adams Park as separate entities.


  • Wycombe Wanderers Trust Board is made up of the following directors:

John Bignell                  johnbig@wycombewandererstrust.com
Mark Burrell               mark@wycombewandererstrust.com
Alan Cecil                   alan@wycombewandererstrust.com
David Cook                 dave@wycombewandererstrust.com
John Derben                john@wycombewandererstrust.com
Garry Heath               garry@wycombewandererstrust.com
Dale Jenkins              dale@wycombewandererstrust.com
Nigel Kingston            nigel@wycombewandererstrust.com
Trevor Stroud              trevor@wycombewandererstrust.com
James Sumner             james@wycombewandererstrust.com
Colin Treacher            colin@wycombewandererstrust.com

  • Ownership of Adams Park (professionally assessed at £7million) is held within Frank Adams Legacy Limited (“FALL”). There is a separate FALL Board, currently under reconstruction.
  • Most major debts of the Trust sit under FALL, secured by charges on Adams Park, but Wycombe Wanderers Trust also has some debts to pay.
  • Wycombe Wanderers Trust relies on rental income from WWFC (the trading entity) to gradually pay down its creditors and loans via FALL (for example remaining Steve Hayes repayments, Chairboys Funders interest).
  • No takeover or change in ownership can proceed without 75% approval from all Legacy Members.
  • Legacy Members are members who are in their fourth (at least) consecutive year of holding a season ticket. Legacy membership is retained in future years as long as season ticket holding continues. There are approximately 570 Legacy Members at present.
  • A uniquely structured members club; one of only four fan owned clubs in the Football League.
  • Wycombe Wanderers Trust became a Community Benefit Society during 2014 as this allows us to raise capital by selling shares to our members (see under Functions, below).
  • Our full registered name is Wycombe Wanderers Supporters Group Limited. We had to adopt this name as part of the process of registering as a society, but we have kept Wycombe Wanderers Trust as our day to day trading name for everyone’s convenience.

Wycombe Wanderers Trust does not run the football club.

  • Wycombe Wanderers Football Club controls all income from footballing matters and the use of Adams Park on matchdays and non-matchdays.
  • Wycombe Wanderers Football Club’s operations are managed by Andrew Howard (WWFC Chairman) and its employees.
  • Only the Wycombe Wanderers Trust Board can appoint and remove individuals from and to the WWFC club board (WWFC’s Club Board is made up of Andrew Howard, Ivor Beeks, Mark Burrell, Trevor Stroud and David Cook).


Since Wycombe Wanderers Trust, and its Board, does not run the football club, the Trust’s job is to create an environment which will help WWFC to succeed.

This is done in a number of ways:

  • Providing governance over its subsidiary companies – WWFC and FALL – and also support WWSET– our Community Trust which has charity status.
  • Providing support to WWFC, for example volunteer forces to reduce costs; aiding and assisting WWFC’s employees through “WWFC PALS” as and when required.
  • Undertaking other fundraising initiatives, for example sale of matchday badges and voluntary Trust member initiatives – to raise income.
  • Communicating with members via emails, members meetings and visibility. Trust board directors will be held to account by Trust members and a third of the Wycombe Wanderers Trust Board directors retire by rotation at each AGM.
  • Seeking to grow and expand our membership and therefore widen the fan ownership base in the community, particularly the younger and the future generation of supporters.
  • Ensure members are consulted about and vote on the designated key issues affecting the football club (listed in the Trust Rules on the Wycombe Wanderers Trust website).
  • Raising funds via the Share Scheme – to secure the working capital to allow Wycombe Wanderers Football Club to move towards breakeven (or a small profit) and allow the football club to pay its rent as scheduled to pay down remaining debts/ loans.

Other News...

OWWSA hold their AGM soon.


The Official Wycombe Wanderers Supporters Association (“OWWSA”) Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 15th October starting at 7.30pm in the Honours Lounge at Adams Park. The bar will be open from 6.30pm. The Agenda and various reports have been sent by email to OWWSA members. At the conclusion of the formal business, a [more…]

Get Your Matchday and Wembley Badges from Terry


We have had a great start to the season on the pitch – and off it where things are coming together quite nicely. The sales of badges at Terry’s Badges stall have gone well and Terry will be be back in his usual place, just inside the Adams Park gates this season. On sale next [more…]

WW Trust – Annual General Meeting


An advance date for your diaries – the next Trust AGM will be on Thursday 26 November. This is three months earlier than our previous February dates and we are planning for this to be the norm in future years. More details nearer the time.

Flying The Flag – Thanks to the Share Scheme


A new flag flies proudly at the Adams Park gates, funded by the Wycombe Wanderers Trust Share Scheme. Thanks to all who have invested so far. Are You Getting Your Share?  Click here for our dedicated Share Scheme page with all the forms and information.

When Do I Get My Share Certificate?


………….is a question asked a lot since the launch of the Trust Share Scheme in March. All those members who invested prior to the 5th April 2015 should by now have received a share certificate plus, where required, a tax certificate so they can claim tax relief under the Enterprise Investment Scheme. If you have [more…]

Emails from the Trust


On Wednesday 2nd September, we sent an email to Trust members entitled “Are You Getting Your Share?” which is reproduced below or via this link. If you didn’t receive this, please email secretary@wycombewandererstrust.com, so we can check the details we have for you on our system.  

Watch Luke’s Amazing Ball Skills


Before he joined us from Watford, Luke O’Nien – the WW Trust Director’s sponsored player for this season took part in the Watford FC tennis ball kick-ups challenge. He only had 39 to beat – watch to see what happened next Click here to view an amazing video of ball skills from this young man [more…]

Brief Summary of August Trust Board Meeting


The Wycombe Wanderers Trust board recently met for its monthly meeting on Wednesday 19th August. Finance: Mark Burrell presented an update from the Group Finance Committee on their work to stabilise the club financially, and re-negotiate existing loans and creditors in the best interests of the football club. Share Scheme: Seven new applications had been [more…]