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Trust Members Invited To Attend Trust Board Meetings – starting this month

Dear Trust Member,

You may be aware that the Trust Board have decided in future that Trust Members will be invited to attend Trust Board meetings. The objective of these meetings to make the Trust more transparent and help to make sure we represent your views. The first of these open style meetings will be held on Thursday February 27th in the Caledonian Suite starting at 7.00 pm.

Who can attend? – all paid up Trust members.

What is the format? – the Board meeting will follow a pre agreed agenda. This will be published on the Trust website, on 25th February. The board will discuss the agenda and Trust members will be able to listen to this discussion, but not take part in it. Any confidential issues will be taken by the Board outside this meeting.

There will be a 30-minute section at the end where members can put questions to the Board. If possible, these questions will be answered on the night, but it may be necessary to seek further information to fully answer a question and then come back to the member later.

It will not be possible to take questions on the playing side of the Football Club.

How long will it last? – It is planned to last approximately one hour, but certainly no longer than 90 minutes.

Will the bar be open? – Yes, it will. Doors will open from 6pm. Food will not be available. The bar will close 30 minutes after the meeting concludes

Will all Future meetings be Open ones? – Yes, the intention is to follow this format in the future.

Can I submit a question in advance to be asked on my behalf? – Yes, please send your question to me at secretary@wycombewandererstrust.com and I’ll make sure it is asked in the Q&A session.

I hope you all received the communication from Trevor Stroud, confirming that the deal with Feliciana Ltd to take 75% ownership of the Football Club is expected to complete by Friday 21st February. This marks a new chapter in the Club’s history, where the Trust will be a 25% shareholder, as opposed to the full owner of the Club. Just to make sure that everyone is clear, the Adams Park stadium remains 100% owned by the Trust, through FALL and is rented to the Club on a full repairing lease. We will spend a short time at the above meeting reviewing this deal so hopefully that will help resolve any queries members still have. There will be a Trust finance presentation by Martyn Broughton at the March Board meeting.

I look forward to welcoming you at the first of these open style meetings on the 27th February.


Nigel Kingston

Trust Chairman Elect.

Planned Dates of Future Meetings, for your diary:

26.3.20; 30.4.20; 28.5.20. 25.6.20; 30.7.20; 27.8.20. 24.9.20; 29.10.20; 26.11.20; 17.12.20.


WWT Update February 14th 2020

Wycombe Wanderers Trust are confident of completing the sale of 75% of the football club to Feliciana EFL Ltd (owned by Rob Couhig) by the end of next week.

The Trust and Feliciana EFL Ltd have now submitted all its final paperwork to the EFL for approval, and expect to receive ratification of the deal in the coming days.

The agreed funds from Feliciana EFL Ltd to Wycombe Wanderers Trust have now also been lodged in the UK.

After a lengthy and often complicated process, the Trust thanks its members for their patience and looks forward to bringing news of the deal’s completion as soon as we can.

Best regards,
Trevor Stroud,


Update on Agreement with Rob Couhig

A joint statement from Rob Couhig and Trevor Stroud

After three months of finalising the deal which will enable Feliciana EFL Ltd to take a majority share in Wycombe Wanderers, it was hoped that the situation would conclude this week.

While the bad news is that it will not be finished on our time schedule, it is proceeding reasonably quickly, particularly given the number of parties and agreements that must be completed. In addition to Rob Couhig and his investment vehicle, Feliciana EFL Ltd, there is Wycombe Wanderers Football Club, Wycombe Wanderers Trust, Frank Adams Legacy Limited, various lenders to the club, the owners of the training facility, and, of course, the EFL itself, who are all involved in these discussions. We are both confident that completion will take place fairly soon.

The really good news is that everyone is working cooperatively and no real issues of significance have arisen. While it is possible that it could have been finished in the next several days, we will have to take a small break in our work in order to allow Rob to have his hip replaced.

While he has tried Darius’s diet of mangoes and papaya, his doctor has told him it is time.  In fact, he already delayed the surgery twice in the past two weeks in order to try to complete. It was impossible to put it off again and Rob will undergo surgery on Friday. He promises immediate recovery but science says it’s going to take a couple of weeks.

During this transition phase, we have continued to work collaboratively for the benefit of the club. With the help of the Trust, we were able to sign Darius last Friday. This week, we have worked with Gareth on possible additions to the squad. Importantly, with the assistance of Feliciana, we feel comfortable that our Salary Cap Management Protocol allowance has increased.

Pete has been fully engaged in all aspects of the club’s business and will continue to provide leadership and assistance to everyone involved with the club on and off the pitch.

Everyone remains encouraged and excited. We will let you know as matters proceed.


Please Help the One Can Trust Foodbank

UPDATE: Look out for the food collection at each home game going forward; current high priority items are tinned meat meals, tinned ham and corned beef, and cooking sauces.

Before each home game there will be an opportunity for Wanderers fans to make a donation towards the local One Can Trust Foodbank

Many of us will have bought in more than we needed for the Christmas/New Year period so this is a good chance to check in the food cupboard and find something that can be better used by those in need – but please make sure its still in date!

The club has already announced here that “A collection point will be located close to the Adams Park entrance gates, staffed by volunteers, who will receive donations of suitable high-priority tinned and boxed food items including tinned meats, vegetables, cereals, long-life milk, toiletries, and rice.”

We are advised that they are particularly short of …

  • Tinned hot dogs
  • Tinned meat meals (minced beef, stew)
  • Tinned carrots and potatoes
  • Tinned ham / corned beef

but please no pasta or beans!!

Or it might be that you are shopping in the coming days, in which case please pick up an extra item to help those in need and then bring it along to the collection point.

Let’s once again show the local community how generous and thoughtful towards others, our fans can be!


Seasonal Update from Trust Chairman

As we approach the Festive period, I thought I would give you a brief update on where we are with the agreement with Rob Couhig.

The Legal agreement and the new lease between WWFC and FALL are agreed, subject to some very minor issues and it is planned to complete the deal on 10th January 2020.

This means that the Coventry and Ipswich games will almost certainly be the final two games under Trust control and the end of an era. It is great that we will start the new decade at the top of League 1, our highest ever league position and a perfect position to hand over control.

The Trust will retain 25% of WWFC after the deal is completed and the role of the Trust will change from ownership and control, to minority shareholder, supporting the new owners and raising funds to be able provide 25% of any funds needed going forward, to avoid dilution of our shareholding. Or in other words: – Protect the Quarter.

We have also been informed by Rob, that Mark Palmer will not be involved with his team on a day to day basis, to allow him to pursue other opportunities in the Football world. He will still be involved with WWFC in the background, and I would like to thank Mark for his hard work on behalf of Wycombe Wanderers over the last 6 months. An update of the new structure will be published post completion.

At a recent Trust Board meeting, it was agreed that due to potential conflicts of interest, the Trust Chairman should not sit on the Football Club. To ensure continuity during the change of ownership period, David Cook and myself will stay on the Football Club board and therefore as a result, I will stand down as Trust Chairman as soon as the deal is completed. The Trust Board held an election last week, and it was decided that Nigel Kingston will take over as Chairman, with Peter Lerner as his Vice Chair. I consider Nigel a worthy successor and wish him and Peter every success and pledge him my full support.

I hope you and your families have a very happy Christmas and let’s keep our fingers crossed for a continuation of our good form in 2020.

Best regards



Commemorate Seasons 2018-19 and 2019-20

Last season was our first for a while in League One and despite a dip in results in the second half, the Chairboys were able to finish the season in a very respectable 17th place.

Terry’s Badges now have a few commemorative frames with all the Matchday Badges for last season and these are now available for the price of £100. Please see Terry or Dave at the badge stall this Saturday.

If you just want an empty frame in which to store your own badges, then these retail at £22 and again should be ordered from Terry.

If you want either of these for the current season, then please get your order into Terry as soon as possible and he will supply once the season is finished.


Report from 2019 Trust Annual General Meeting – UPDATED 19.12.19

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday night have been sent to Trust Members or can be viewed here 2019 AGM Minutes

Attached here WWSGL AGM 27 NOVEMBER 2019 are the slides used in the meeting which include the Group Treasurer’s Finance Report.

It is planned to hold a Finance Forum on Tuesday 10th December at 8pm in Monty’s Bar for those wishing to have a more detailed insight into the Finances of the Trust, the Club and FALL.

With four candidates to fill that number of vacancies on the Trust Board there was no need for formal elections but the members present (plus submitted proxies) endorsed Lisa Bowker and John Jewell as new Directors of the Trust with Alan Cecil and David Roberton (who both had retired by rotation) being re-appointed.

Lawrie Read and David Smith have stepped down from the board, and we thank them for their fantastic efforts.

The Trust Board Page (via link at the top of this page) will be updated shortly.

After the interval, the Head of Wycombe Wanderers Sports and Education Trust (“WWSET”) Paul Foley have the audience an enlightening insight into the many varied programmes being run by WWSET, more details of which can be found on their website www.wwset.co.uk  Paul’s own slides can be viewed here Trust AGM – WWSET Presentation (Nov 2019)


Renewal of Trust Membership Subscriptions

Most Trust Members have kindly agreed to pay their subscription by bank standing order which is currently the easiest way for us to receive and record those payments.

The majority of members have signed up to renew each year with a payment made on 1st November, though historically some have always paid on the 1st October and we are happy for that to continue.

Those who prefer to pay by cash, cheque of single bank transfer may continue to do so and Trust Directors will be willing to receive any such payments at their table in the Caledonian Suite prior to any forthcoming home game. We now have a Worldpay card machine and subject to getting a wifi connection are hoping this will work.

If you wish to renew by bank transfer then please make your payment to the WW Trust account at Sort Code 40-24-38 and account number 81390031 quoting your membership number and your name.

We hope all current members will renew but it is especially important that those with Legacy Membership qualification ensure their subscription is paid in order that they continue receiving the voting rights that go with that special status.

Anyone wishing to join the Trust needs to complete Membership Form 2019-20 v1

Many thanks


Legacy Members vote in favour of Rob Couhig’s majority shareholding

Threshold of 75% has been reached.

Wycombe Wanderers Trust are pleased to announce that the required threshold to approve the purchase of a majority share in the club by Feliciana EFL Ltd – which is controlled by Rob Couhig – has now been reached, and the formal process to finalise the sale is underway.

The board of directors of the Trust unanimously recommended the proposed sale to Feliciana and initiated a voting period for its Legacy Members (Trust members who have held a season ticket at the club for four or more consecutive seasons) earlier this month, requiring 75% of the Legacy Members to approve the sale in order for the deal to be ratified.

The Trust have been informed by Civica Election Services, the independent organisation which is coordinating the voting process, that the 75% threshold has been surpassed. Subject to receipt of formal confirmation from CES that the resolution has been passed, which can only be issued at the end of the voting period, and subject to final due diligence from both parties, financial clearance from the EFL, and approval of Mr Couhig and his three fellow nominated directors through the EFL’s Owners and Directors Test, Feliciana will become the owner of both 75% of the club’s voting shares and 75% of the ordinary non-voting shares.

In return, Feliciana will invest £2.2 million to settle all outstanding debts, and support working capital needs at the football club. All charges currently held against Adams Park will be lifted, and the stadium and club memorabilia will remain 100% owned by Wycombe Wanderers Trust’s subsidiary company, Frank Adams Legacy Limited (FALL).

Feliciana will make available an additional £1 million for working capital, and the club will enter into a new 15-year lease with FALL to use Adams Park, paying an annual rent of £150,000, subject to a discount in the first five years, and will be responsible for maintaining the stadium.

The new football club board will be comprised of Rob Couhig, Missy Couhig, Peter Couhig and Mark Palmer, alongside two directors nominated by the current Trust board, allowing influence and involvement in the decision-making processes.

Trevor Stroud, chairman of Wycombe Wanderers and Wycombe Wanderers Trust, said:
“This is a hugely significant step forward for the club and we are delighted that the Legacy Members have followed the Trust board’s recommendation to welcome Rob Couhig and his team into the club as majority shareholders.

“Rob has demonstrated real expertise, determination, integrity and ambition over the past four months since the Trust nominated him as its preferred partner going forward, and we believe that those attributes, coupled with his financial contribution, make him the ideal person to build on the progress that the club has made under supporter ownership in recent times.

“We look forward to completing the transaction and working with Rob to help build a strategy to develop the club on and off the pitch in the short and long term, and truly believe that the foundations are in place for Wycombe Wanderers to continue its upward journey through the football pyramid.

“Wycombe Wanderers Trust have been immensely proud to be custodians of the football club for the past seven years, but I believe we have reached the upper limit of what we can achieve in terms of the sustainability of the club going forward. We are extremely grateful to the contributions of all supporters and volunteers throughout that time, who have committed immeasurable time and effort, and I know that that very culture will continue to play an integral role in the club under Rob’s stewardship.

“My final message is to the Legacy Members who are yet to vote; while the threshold has already been reached, and we wanted to share this news with supporters as soon as we were able to, I would still like to encourage you to submit your vote to help us demonstrate to Rob the true level of support that he has from the membership.

“As both a supporter and chairman of Wycombe Wanderers, I am more excited than ever for its future, and wish Rob and his team every success.”

A statement from Rob Couhig will follow in due course.


Items relating to Legacy Members meeting and vote

On Monday 14th October, the attached letter was sent via post and email to Legacy Members, carrying headline details of the proposed majority shareholding in the football club by Rob Couhig. Also included with the letter was this four-page summary of agreements. The full legal document can be viewed by Legacy Members in person at Adams Park between 12-7pm on weekdays until Tuesday 29th October, and in the Caledonian Suite ahead of the match against Sunderland.

At the meeting of Legacy Members on Tuesday 15th October, these slides were presented to members by chairman Trevor Stroud. 343 Legacy Members were present, with around 180 concurrent viewers on the live stream on the WWT Live Stream Facebook page. The stream can be viewed at any time here.

The Trust omitted to send the Summary of Rights of Existing Shareholders; this document has been sent to Legacy Members, and can be downloaded here.

Included in the presentation were two videos from Rob Couhig, who explained his reason for not attending the meeting:



Also included in the presentation was a reading of an open letter, written by Trust president Karen Adams, which can be found here.

At 9pm, emails were sent to all Legacy Members carrying instructions on how to vote. Any member who doesn’t have an email address will receive a postal vote. Please note that some emails may have been caught in the recipient’s junk folder, so Members should be sure to make sure they have received it, or send an email to secretary@wycombewandererstrust.com or call the vote helpline on 07490 987583 if they haven’t. Members who share an email address with another member will receive separate emails to the same address.

Trevor Stroud reiterated on behalf of the club and Trust that it is imperative that Members use their vote; not voting is counted as a vote against the proposal. The Trust board unanimously recommend voting for the proposal.

The voting period will close at midnight on Tuesday 29th October; 75% of all Legacy Members must vote for the proposal in order for Rob Couhig to be successful in becoming a majority shareholder of Wycombe Wanderers.


Fans Keep On Giving….. So We Can Provide (Updated June 2019)

Notwithstanding the success of the 500 Club in the last year or so, the WW Trust Share Scheme launched in 2015 continues to thrive and produce much needed income for the Football Club.

Over ‘one hundred and eighty’ fans are still contributing with either monthly or annual payments to the Trust over a five year period and these are on top of the 160 who have made one-off payments in the last couple of years.

Those single payments have been of amounts between the minimum of £100 and the maximum of £100,000.

To date some £650,000 has been banked with a further £32,000 committed to be received over the coming season and a bit.

So what are we doing with your money?

Much of the initial inflow went into helping to stabilise the financial position of the football club by providing some much needed working capital. This allows WWFC to be able to pay its bills, (present and past) in line with agreed schedules and repayment plans.

As was outlined in our Share Scheme prospectus/brochure we have also been able to provide the money to make the best use of our prized asset – Adams Park. So far, some of the completed projects, which are thanks to Share Scheme money (and which would not have been affordable otherwise) are:

  • New lawnmower (from OWWSA contributions)
  • New club flag
  • Medical equipment to boost return of injured players
  • Replacement seats (Summer 2016 – from OWWSA Contributions)
  • New TVs for concourse etc
  • Big Screen repairs
  • Player Purchase – Michael Harriman
  • GPS Equipment – the player running tracking system
  • Security Fence for away end
  • Fixing of the heating/Air Con system in Caledonian Suite
  • Paint for various stadium areas (from OWWSA contributions)
  • Full structural survey of the stadium – required for safety certificate reasons
  • More paint (Summer 2017)
  • Further replacement seats (Summer 2017)
  • Essential refurb and extension of the dressing rooms – as demanded by the EFL (Summer 2017)
  • Upgrade of the CCTV equipment – so vital to maintain our safety certificate
  • Replacement IT equipment for Gareth and his team at the training ground – from OWWSA contributions
  • Contributions towards repair and maintenance of the Adams Park floodlights – from OWWSA contributions
  • Even more replacement seats – December 2017
  • New boiler to provide hot water for the players and staff at the training ground
  • Essential repairs and replacement of lighting units in the Frank Adams Stand
  • £3k contribution to pitch hire costs for Wycombe Wanderers Ladies FC
  • Costs of streaming live the Trust Members Meeting (July 2019)

The Share Scheme is now closed to new investors. Those who signed up to pay over a five year plan are seeing out the remaining length of their commitment.

Any questions on the scheme can be sent by email to shares@wycombewandererstrust.com


A ‘Simple Guide’ to the WW Trust – Updated 1.12.19

trust logo 003 wwfc our heritageFollowing the AGM in February 2015, some members were asking for clarification on what are the separate responsibilities and duties of the Trust and of the Football Club.

A small group from the Trust Board then put together the following which we hope will be useful:

The Basic Structure

Wycombe Wanderers Trust took over Wycombe Wanderers Football Club on 29th June 2012 from Steve Hayes.

Wycombe Wanderers Trust owns Wycombe Wanderers FC Ltd (the trading entity) and Frank Adams Legacy Limited as separate entities.


  • Wycombe Wanderers Trust Board is made up of the following directors:

Lisa Bowker              lisa@wycombewandererstrust.com
Alan Cecil  
David Cook                 dcook@wycombewandererstrust.com
John Derben              john@wycombewandererstrust.com
John Jewell                johnjewell@wycombewandererstrust.com
Tony Hector               tony@wycombewandererstrust.com
Nigel Kingston          nigel@wycombewandererstrust.com
Peter Lerner               peter@wycombewandererstrust.com
Bob Massie                  bob@wycombewandererstrust.com
David Roberton         david@wycombewandererstrust.com
David Smith                dsmith@wycombewandererstrust.com
Trevor Stroud             trevor@wycombewandererstrust.com

  • Ownership of Adams Park (professionally assessed at £7million) is held within Frank Adams Legacy Limited (“FALL”). There is a separate FALL Board.
  • Most major debts of the Trust sit under FALL, secured by charges on Adams Park.  All our debts now have agreed repayment schedules.
  • Wycombe Wanderers Trust relies on rental income from WWFC (the trading entity) to gradually pay down its creditors and loans via FALL (which include the Chairboys Funders interest).
  • No takeover or change in ownership of the Club that would result in the Trust’s shareholding being less than 50% +1 can proceed without 75% approval from the Legacy Members.
  • Legacy Members are members who are in their fourth (at least) consecutive year of holding a season ticket. Legacy membership is retained in future years as long as season ticket holding continues. There are over 800 Legacy Members at present.
  • A uniquely structured members club; one of only four fan owned clubs in the Football League.
  • Wycombe Wanderers Trust became a Community Benefit Society during 2014 as this allows us to raise capital by selling shares to our members (see under Functions, below).
  • Our full registered name is Wycombe Wanderers Supporters Group Limited. We had to adopt this name as part of the process of registering as a society, but we have kept Wycombe Wanderers Trust as our day to day trading name for everyone’s convenience.


Wycombe Wanderers Trust does not run the football club.

  • Wycombe Wanderers Football Club controls all income from footballing matters and the use of Adams Park on matchdays and non-matchdays.
  • Wycombe Wanderers Football Club’s operations are managed by Trevor Stroud (WWFC Chairman) , Michael Davies (General Manager) and the other employees.
  • Only the Wycombe Wanderers Trust Board can appoint and remove individuals to and from the WWFC club board (WWFC’s Club Board is made up of Ivor Beeks, Trevor Stroud and David Cook).


Since Wycombe Wanderers Trust, and its Board, does not run the football club, the Trust’s job is to create an environment which will help WWFC to succeed.

This is done in a number of ways:

  • Providing governance over its subsidiary companies – WWFC and FALL – and also support WWSET– our Community Trust which has charity status.
  • Providing support to WWFC, for example volunteer forces to reduce costs; aiding and assisting WWFCs employees through “WWFC PALS” as and when required.
  • Undertaking other fundraising initiatives, for example sale of matchday badges and voluntary Trust member initiatives – to raise income.
  • Communicating with members via emails, members meetings and visibility. Trust board directors will be held to account by Trust members and a third of the Wycombe Wanderers Trust Board directors retire by rotation at each AGM.
  • Seeking to grow and expand our membership and therefore widen the fan ownership base in the community, particularly the younger and the future generation of supporters.
  • Ensure members are consulted about and vote on the designated key issues affecting the football club (listed in the Trust Rules on the Wycombe Wanderers Trust website).
  • Raising funds via the Share Scheme – to secure the working capital to allow Wycombe Wanderers Football Club to move towards breakeven (or a small profit) and allow the football club to pay its rent as scheduled to pay down remaining debts/ loans.

Other News...

Members Update – Friday 10th January


Further to our previous communications about the completion of the deal with Rob Couhig, who is acquiring a 75% share in the football club, I can update you that we are in the very final stages of finalising the documents relating to the agreement. The deal will not be completed today, as previously suggested, but [more…]

Finance Forum – Tuesday 10th December at 8pm


As previously stated and confirmed at the recent Trust AGM, a Finance Forum will be held on Tuesday 10th December starting at 8pm in Monty’s Bar at Adams Park. This is for those with a keen interest in the finances of the Trust and its subsidiaries (Wycombe Wanderers Football Club “WWFC” and Frank Adams Legacy [more…]

Annual General Meeting of Wycombe Wanderers Trust – Wednesday 27th November


The Annual General Meeting of Wycombe Wanderers Trust will be held on Wednesday 27 November 2019 at 7.30pm in the Caledonian Suite (previously the Vere Suite) at Adams Park. The venue will be open to members from 6.00pm; food will be available, along with complimentary tea and coffee and the bar will be open. Click [more…]

Football Supporters Association – the Trust is a Member and YOU Can Be One Too


The Football Supporters Association (“FSA”) is the national, democratic, representative body for supporters in England and Wales. The FSA came into being following the completion of the merger at the start of 2019 between the previously separate Football Supporters’ Federation and Supporters Direct (“SD”). SD had been of particular help to Wycombe Wanderers back in [more…]

Final Vote Outcome Revealed


We have now received the official report from Civica Election Services, regarding the vote to allow Wycombe Wanderers Trust to sell a majority stake in Wycombe Wanderers Football Club, the details of which can be found here. As you will see from the results, an overwhelming majority of you voted in favour of the motion [more…]

“Eyes Down” – BINGO Night – Friday 1st November


OWWSA are trying this fundraiser for the first time ever on Friday November 1st, in the Caledonian Suite and it’s open to all Chairboys fans. Please come along and support this event.  Remember every penny of the profits are ploughed back into the football club, by supporting them in different projects .  Money raised by [more…]

Legacy Members Vote and Investment Agreement – Update


We understand that a high percentage of Legacy Members (“LMs”) have already voted on the proposal to proceed with investment into Wycombe Wanderers Football Club by Rob Couhig through his company Feliciana EFL Ltd, and we thank those LMs for doing so. There is still time for others to vote, either via the email sent [more…]

A Message from the Trust President


Karen Adams, who is the President of the Wycombe Wanderers Trust, tonight sent this message which was read out at the end of the Legacy Members meeting: My grandfather Frank Adams gifted Loakes Park to WWFC on the proviso that it remained an amateur club. It was my father Jack Adams, former Patron of WWFC, [more…]

Chairman confirms Club and Trust’s position ahead of Legacy Members meeting.


Wycombe Wanderers chairman Trevor Stroud has reaffirmed the full support of the Club and Trust boards of directors for Rob Couhig’s proposed majority shareholding in the football club. Ahead of the meeting of Legacy Members at Adams Park on Tuesday 15th October – at which point the vote to approve Mr Couhig’s proposal will open for a [more…]

Legacy Members Meeting on Tuesday 15th October at Adams Park


Wycombe Wanderers Trust are pleased to call a meeting of its Legacy Members, relating to the proposed sale of a majority share in Wycombe Wanderers Football Club to Feliciana EFL Ltd, owned by Rob Couhig. The meeting will take place at Adams Park on Tuesday 15th October, and provides the opportunity for Legacy Members to [more…]

Watch the Fans Forum held on Thursday 19th September


Here is the link to the Fans Forum held at Adams Park on Thursday 19th September with Trevor Stroud (Chairman of WW Trust and of WWFC), Rob Couhig (potential investor) and Gareth Ainsworth (WWFC manager). The forum was hosted by WWFC Head of Media Matt Cecil  

WWFC Acquisition Update September 2019


As we are sure that you will know by now, Rob Couhig has been in discussions with the Trust to acquire 75% of the shares of WWFC, since late June. Those discussions have now reached the stage where the deal structure has been broadly agreed between the lawyers representing both parties. There are still a [more…]

Try Walking Football with Wycombe Wanderers?


Come Back to Football! Walking Football is designed to help people keep an active lifestyle despite their age or physical condition, as well as getting those back playing football who have previously had to stop for whatever reason. The aims of the Wycombe Wanderers Walking Football Club (“WWWFC”) are to: Provide people the opportunity to [more…]

Volunteer Request /Fan Protection


The football club has taken the precaution of erecting safety nets during the practice period on a match day to protect the supporters from ball strikes. The club now needs volunteers, 3 at each end of the pitch, to erect the safety nets before and after the practice period. This should not interfere with watching [more…]

Trust Directors get behind Alex Pattison


This season the WW Trust Directors have chosen to sponsor the away shirt of recent signing Alex Pattison. Board members Trevor Stroud, Alan Cecil, David Cook and Tony Hector were those able to be present at the squad photo session day recently held and Adams Park. The Club’s signing of midfielder Alex Pattison only became [more…]