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Over Half A Million Now for Share Scheme – Are You Getting Your Share?

scan0015Wycombe Wanderers have received a tremendous boost ahead of Saturday’s League Two Play-Off Final with news that the amount committed to the Trust Share Scheme is now in excess of £500,000.

Some significant contributions have come in within the last few days and applications are still being received daily.

Any fan can contribute any amount from £100 upwards and we will even take your payments in monthly or annual instalments over the next 5 years.

The aim remains to raise £2million over the next 5 years but in order to reach that, more fans need to join those who have already paid up and/or confirm their pledge to do so.

Here are the forms you need to complete Share Offer Forms

Here is our brochure giving the remaining details Share Offer Brochure

Any questions please email shares@wycombewandererstrust.com


Share Scheme – Have You Heard From Us? – Are You Getting Your Share?

scan0015Around 180 fans have now signed up for the Wycombe Wanderers Trust Community Share Scheme and they will be contributing nearly £410k over the next 5 years. Of that sum, about £250k has already been banked with the rest coming in monthly or annual installments.

All the contributors to date should have had their application acknowledged by email. If you have not received your reply, then please let us know by email to shares@wycombewandererstrust.com

If we add in all the pledges made last year, then the above total will significantly rise towards our target of raising £2m. We have emailed or written a letter to everyone who signed up with a pledge in 2014 and hope that they will complete their application form and payment arrangements very soon. Again if you think you are on that list and have not heard from us, please send an email to shares@wycombewandererstrust.com

The same applies to all those who are currently making extra monthly donations to the Trust. They only have until the end of our financial year (30.6.15) to convert their donations into investments into shares.

Share Certificates will be sent out (subject to the minimum payment of £100) very soon along with the Enterprise Investment Scheme tax relief certificates, which are currently being requested from HMRC. UPDATE 20th May: HMRC advise “your application was received on 12 May 2015; we are currently processing applications received on 28 April 2015.”

Our tag-line of Are you getting your share? has prompted a good number of Trust members and other fans who had not previously made any extra payments or a pledge, to contribute to the Share Scheme.

If you feel you can contribute in any way – it can be anything between £100 and £100,000 – then please first go to our earlier article by clicking here. The support documentation is on our dedicated Share Offer Page – click here

Finally having read all that, if you have any questions, please send them by email to shares@wycombewandererstrust.com


WW Trust Community Share Offer

scan0015Thank you for your patience – it has taken much longer than expected, but we now have a fully approved scheme that we are delighted to present to you.

Great progress has been made, on and off the pitch, this season and the Community Share Offer now provides a fantastic opportunity to raise the working capital that has been desperately needed since Trust members became the proud owners of Wycombe Wanderers.

Click this link Presentation 19032015 for the slides shown at the formal launch meeting which was on Thursday 19th March. We now want all members and fans to see the offer brochure and this is available by clicking on the blue underlined links below.

Share Offer Brochure for viewing on screen

Share Offer Brochure– pdf version – for printing out

Share Offer Application Forms – pdf format

We believe the brochure and the forms cover everything but we have set up a dedicated email address for any questions – shares@wycombewandererstrust.com 

The supporting documents referred to on page 18 of the brochure can be found on our dedicated Share Offer page via this link http://www.wycombewandererstrust.com/share-offer

Important note for members who have already made payments: If you have made advance one-off or monthly payments, we still need you to complete the application form as your formal acceptance of the Share Offer.

On receipt of your form, we will reply to you by email to confirm your individual situation. If this isn’t clear and you would like some clarification beforehand, please email shares@wycombewandererstrust.com and we will come back to you. 

And finally

We hope you will be as excited at this opportunity to take our Club forward as we are, and of course we hope that having looked at the brochure, you will decide to make an investment – however great or small.

Thank you for your time and best wishes

Trevor Stroud



A Simple Guide to the WW Trust

trust logo 003 wwfc our heritageFollowing our recent AGM, some members were asking for clarification on what are the separate responsibilities and duties of the Trust and of the Football Club.

A small group from the Trust Board, led by new Trust Director Dale Jenkins have put together the following which we hope will be useful:


The Basic Structure

Wycombe Wanderers Trust took over Wycombe Wanderers Football Club on 29th June 2012 from Steve Hayes.

Wycombe Wanderers Trust owns Wycombe Wanderers FC (the trading entity) and Adams Park as separate entities.


  • Wycombe Wanderers Trust Board is made up of 11 directors:

Mark Burrell               mark@wycombewandererstrust.com
Alan Cecil                   alan@wycombewandererstrust.com
David Cook                 dave@wycombewandererstrust.com
John Derben                john@wycombewandererstrust.com
Garry Heath               garry@wycombewandererstrust.com
Dale Jenkins              dale@wycombewandererstrust.com
David Roberton          david@wycombewandererstrust.com
Trevor Stroud              trevor@wycombewandererstrust.com
James Sumner             james@wycombewandererstrust.com
Colin Treacher            colin@wycombewandererstrust.com
Don Woodward           don@wycombewandererstrust.com

  • Ownership of Adams Park (professionally assessed at £7million) is held within Frank Adams Legacy Limited (“FALL”). There is a separate FALL Board, currently under reconstruction.
  • Most major debts of the Trust sit under FALL, secured by charges on Adams Park, but Wycombe Wanderers Trust also has some debts to pay.
  • Wycombe Wanderers Trust relies on rental income from WWFC (the trading entity) to gradually pay down its creditors and loans via FALL (for example remaining Steve Hayes repayments, Chairboys Funders interest).
  • No takeover or change in ownership can proceed without 75% approval from all Legacy Members.
  • Legacy Members are members who are in their fourth (at least) consecutive year of holding a season ticket. Legacy membership is retained in future years as long as season ticket holding continues. There are approximately 570 Legacy Members at present.
  • A uniquely structured members club; one of only four fan owned clubs in the Football League.
  • Wycombe Wanderers Trust became a Community Benefit Society during 2014 as this allows us to raise capital by selling shares to our members (see under Functions, below).
  • Our full registered name is Wycombe Wanderers Supporters Group Limited. We had to adopt this name as part of the process of registering as a society, but we have kept Wycombe Wanderers Trust as our day to day trading name for everyone’s convenience.

Wycombe Wanderers Trust does not run the football club.

  • Wycombe Wanderers Football Club controls all income from footballing matters and the use of Adams Park on matchdays and non-matchdays.
  • Wycombe Wanderers Football Club’s operations are managed by Andrew Howard (WWFC Chairman) and its employees.
  • Only the Wycombe Wanderers Trust Board can appoint and remove individuals from and to the WWFC club board (WWFC’s Club Board is made up of Andrew Howard, David Roberton and David Cook).



Since Wycombe Wanderers Trust, and its Board, does not run the football club, the Trust’s job is to create an environment which will help WWFC to succeed.

This is done in a number of ways:

  • Providing governance over its subsidiary companies – WWFC and FALL – and also support WWSET– our Community Trust which has charity status.
  • Providing support to WWFC, for example volunteer forces to reduce costs; aiding and assisting WWFC’s employees through “WWFC PALS” as and when required.
  • Undertaking other fundraising initiatives, for example sale of matchday badges and voluntary Trust member initiatives – to raise income.
  • Communicating with members via emails, members meetings and visibility. Trust board directors will be held to account by Trust members and a third of the Wycombe Wanderers Trust Board directors retire by rotation at each AGM.
  • Seeking to grow and expand our membership and therefore widen the fan ownership base in the community, particularly the younger and the future generation of supporters.
  • Ensure members are consulted about and vote on the designated key issues affecting the football club (listed in the Trust Rules on the Wycombe Wanderers Trust website).
  • Raising funds via the Share Scheme – to secure the working capital to allow Wycombe Wanderers Football Club to move towards breakeven (or a small profit) and allow the football club to pay its rent as scheduled to pay down remaining debts/ loans.

Other News...

One (Big) Step From Wembley! Get to Adams Park on Thursday!


The team on the pitch have given us one of the most enjoyable, entertaining and successful seasons of our generation – now we need to give them our 100% support for one more game to take us to a Wembley final beyond our wildest dreams. You can be the difference. As Trust members, you’ll no [more…]

Share Scheme – News as at 7th May


Just over 6 weeks after its launch, the total currently raised under the Share Scheme stands at just over £375,000 of which £227k has already been paid in with the rest due over the next 5 years. This is an excellent start,  with much more to come as many of the pledges made last year have [more…]

Don Steps Down From Trust Board


The resignation from the Wycombe Wanderers Trust Board, of former Football Club Chairman, Don Woodward, has been announced. Don was a Trust Board director for 5 years, and was Chairman of the Football Club for the two years following the Trust taking ownership. Woodward cited that he felt it was time for others to take [more…]

Support Scotty’s Charity Challenge


Former Wanderers player Keith Scott is preparing to cycle to Holland to raise funds for a cause close to his heart – Prostate Cancer UK. To read how you can help him raise funds for his chosen charity, click here  or just go straight to his online giving page at https://www.justgiving.com/Keith-scott9667/

Get Your Special Play-Off Badge


Terry’s Badges stall will be back for our home second leg tie with Plymouth Argyle on Thursday 14th May (ko 7.45pm) He will have a special badge made for this game – selling at £3 with all profits going to the WW Trust. Also this will be your final chance to buy any of the [more…]

Report from Trust Board Meeting


Wycombe Wanderers Trust held its regular monthly board meeting on Thursday 23rd April. The WWFC Chairman attended and gave a full update on matters relating to the Football Club. Individual roles and responsibilities for the four new Trust Board directors were outlined and agreed by the Trust Chairman. Martyn Broughton was appointed as Group Treasurer Elect [more…]

Support for the Share Scheme


Applications are coming in daily for the Wycombe Wanderers Trust Community Share Scheme and the total due to be raised is steadily increasing. Yet much more is going to be required if we are to stabilise the Football Club financially and start to think of planning the various improvements required both on and off the pitch. [more…]

The Legacy of Frank Adams


This delightful picture (apologies for the flash reflection) of our generous benefactor Frank Adams has just been returned to the football club having formed part of the recent exhibition at the High Wycombe Library. Frank Adams joined the club in 1910 and by the time of his retirement in 1929 he had made 331 appearances [more…]