Praise for Wycombe Support from Wednesday Fans

The latest edition (308) of the When Saturday Comes magazine features a  letter from a Sheffield Wednesday fan Tom Hible, in response to one the previous week, referring back to the final game of the 2011-12 season at Hillsborough.

Tom’s letter includes the following “Jon…. was too distracted to notice but the other 36,999 present at the final day love Wycombe with a passion. Their fans (who willingly agreed to go in our spare corner stand) were a credit to football in general, applauded our team on their lap of honour, enjoying the party even as they departed League One, and joined our chants (the team letting us win easily to seal promotion was also nice). They were just as accomodating at Adams Park earlier in the season. So Wycombe, an apology from the rest of us apart from Jon – we love you really”

Well done the Wycombe fans. We believe some of the Owls supporters may be coming to Chesterfield on Saturday …. to cheer on the Wanderers!!