Trust Members’ Update on Potential Purchase, Share Issue & Season Tickets

The latest situation is as follows:

Potential Purchase

Some progress has been made with the original purchaser (who still can’t be named), but in the interim, we have been approached by two other interested parties, and we have commenced initial discussions with them to see if their interest is legitimate and worthy of presentation to the members.  If this is the case, we will seek to arrange a presentation in the very near future.

Share Issue

Given our recent experience of negotiations within the football industry, we have to assume that the above deals may not be acceptable to members. I have therefore attached a document here – Community Share Scheme  – which outlines the details of the Community Share Scheme.

I cannot stress enough how important this share scheme is to the future of Wycombe Wanderers and would urge you to return the form to the address on the form or email a signed copy to

This document is intended to outline our plans, and gauge the level of support for the scheme. Full details will be issued once we have received approval from HMRC, which should be in approximately eight weeks.

If the proposed sale of the Club were to be approved by Legacy Trust Members, any monies paid under this Community Share Scheme would be refunded in full.

Please address any queries you have on the share scheme to

Season Tickets

Season tickets for next season are now available. It would greatly help the Club’s cashflow position if you could renew at your earliest opportunity.

Thank you

Trevor Stroud