Football Governance Bill 2014-15

The Football Governance Bill 2014-15 was stood over at its second reading on 7 November 2014 because fewer than 40 MPs were present. The Bill can still progress through the House. The second reading debate will be on a date to be announced.

This Bill was presented to Parliament on 7 July 2014. This is known as the first reading and there was no debate on the Bill at this stage.

This is a Private Members Bill sponsored by Damian Collins MP and its aim is to:

“Require professional and semi-professional football clubs in England to disclose the identity of their owners; to give the Football Association powers to block the ownership of a club by anyone whom they consider is not a fit and proper person; to require all creditors of a football club to be compensated equally should the club go into administration; to facilitate the raising by supporters’ organisations of the finance required to acquire a controlling stake in a football club; and for connected purposes.”

For full details of what speeches were made on the Bill click here and here for a short video from the Bill’s sponsor

Our MP Steve Baker sent this quote in advance of the bill actually finding time in the Commons:

“Hopefully the Government will look closely at these proposals and adopt what is necessary. A government bill would enjoy the proper time in the Commons.”