250th Investor Joins Share Scheme

In just less than 5 months since the Trust’s Community Share Scheme was launched, we now have our 250th investor!

scan0018Trust member Jan Scutchings has invested £500 making their contribution to a fund that has now reached a committed level of £580k. Of that more than half has been banked and is already being put to good use.

The Share Scheme funds are being used by the Club to help stabilise their working capital position as well as providing a few items that could not otherwise have been afforded. These uses remain consistent with the published prospectus which stated the aims as being:

  • to provide a capital injection to re-finance the Club
  • to provide resources to improve the profitability of the business
  • to improve the attraction of Adams Park as an alternative event venue
  • to widen the community ownership of the Football club and its social benefit

The Share Scheme is set up so that anyone (subject to becoming a member of the WW Trust)  can invest at any level and if necessary over the next 5 years. We started off with a good number of members wanting to donate their £10 a year subscription EVERY MONTH and most of those people have now turned those donations into share purchases to build up a good number of shares over the coming five years.

Anyone wishing to pay monthly can start from as low as £5 a month – you can always increase the payments later! No share certificate is issued until the first £100 has been contributed.

With over 1000 members it would have been simple maths to calculate that if each one of them invested £2000 then we would soon have our target of £2m which would avoid us having to consider outside offers to buy the club.

Thanks to all who have paid in that sum whether in one go or have committed to it over the five years. Indeed we are grateful to every single member who has supported the scheme at whatever level they have paid in. Every little helps!

scan0015Click the link for the the Share Scheme application forms Share Offer Forms

Click on the next link for the brochure (pdf format) with more information Share Offer Brochure

Click here to read the Share Scheme brochure on screen with turning pages

Click this link for our dedicated website page which has more information

Any questions, then please email shares@wycombewandererstrust.com


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