Can you help us to publicise the Share Scheme?

scan0015In order to generate publicity for the Share Scheme and to encourage more fans to invest, we are planning to put together a creative advertising campaign that will feature a combination of some well known Wycombe supporters/investors, and some of you, passionate and loyal fans. This campaign will run in the usual areas such as the programme, the big screen and of course the Bucks Free Press.

We would like therefore your permission to use your name as an investor. We will not use all of those who agree but a random selection from them. If you are happy to join in with this can you please confirm this to us, and send a photo of yourself. This needs to be just you with no one else in the picture. Also a sentence summarising why you decided to invest. We will not under any circumstances reveal the amount of money you invested or any other personal details apart from your name, photo and reason for investing.

If you are happy to help in this way, please email your name, photo and reason for investing to as soon as possible.

I hope you will be willing to help.

Yours sincerely
Nigel Kingston
Chairman Share Issue Marketing Group