Trust Directors talk through their roles

This season each Trust Director is writing a piece explaining their specific role.

Below is the edition included in the programme vs Colchester United on August 20th.

Luke O'Nien with sponsors during the Wycombe Wanderers Player Sponsors End of Season Dinner at Adams Park, High Wycombe, England on 12 April 2016. Photo by David Horn / PRiME Media Images.

Photo by David Horn / PRiME Media Images.

Trust Director Dale Jenkins Talks Through His Role

After having served for 18 months on the Trust Board I can already reflect on an exciting, enjoyable experience where I have learnt a lot. It was a proud moment to have been elected by a Trust membership that owns this great football club that we all love, and I will do my best to represent those members at board level.

My primary responsibilities have revolved around Trust communications: keeping the website and social media updated with the latest Trust news. This includes publishing recent Board minutes, bringing items of agenda to the attention of our members and listening to the feedback of supporters. One of my first ideas was to draw together a Trust guide: it is important for fans to know what we do, and what our purpose is. It is also often about finding a balance: we may not always be able to tell fans everything, even some things we may want to because of confidentiality clauses, but the key is we communicate as often and as much as we can, which everyone has bought into.

To be a successful supporter owned club it is imperative to listen to the views of the fan base and I try to raise many points that are made online or in person on match days in board meetings so those views are represented. I may not always agree with everything I read or am told but it is key to pass on what supporters and members alike are thinking – already a number of suggestions have led to a change in practices at the club, for the better.

More recently the Fans Council initiative has been launched with the support of a group of supporters who have had a chance to interact with members of both the Trust and Football Club board. The council has already raised some interesting ideas and projects for the future, I’m sure it will perform an important role in the overall structure moving forwards so please get involved if you think you have some ideas or suggestions to offer.

It was a fantastic start to raise over £700,000 for the share scheme and I am now part of a marketing group which have been coming up with initiatives to encourage further investment. It has also been very inspirational to see more closely just how hard-working the club staff are, and how they go above and beyond the call of duty so often for so many.

The Club Chairman, who also owns his own company, embodies the vision and drive that runs through the staff here. They are ably supported by an excellent volunteer network in PALS: a football club with fairly modest resources achieves so much that might not first meet the eye.

The aim of raising £2million for the share scheme over five years was a target to get the finances on a sounder footing. The tireless of work of staff, volunteers and the generosity of our supporters already have us well on our way.

It has been great to see how this has been achieved thanks to everyone’s hard work – and it makes those on-pitch moments such as your current manager punching in a last minute equaliser against your Essex rivals all the more special!

Come on you Blues!