Trust Directors Talk Us Through Their Roles – Part 3

In the latest in our series where members of the Trust Board tell us about their particular roles, we hear from Nigel Kingston – pictured on the right in the picture below.

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“I was elected as a Trust Director at the AGM held in November 2015. I was delighted to become an elected member of the Trust Board as I had been working as a co-opted director for 6 months prior to this. As a fan for over 25 years it is an honour to be involved with the Club at this level.

The responsibility of the Trust Board is to safeguard the heritage of the Football Club and to work with the Football Club to contribute to improving the performance wherever possible. Each Director on the Trust board has agreed responsibilities, linked to their own expertise or interest.

My primary responsibilities have been geared to the Share Scheme and I am Chairman of the Share Scheme Marketing Group. This is a small group of 4 people, (not all Trust Directors) whose job it has been to market the Share Scheme to as wide an audience as possible. We have tried to gain high levels of awareness of the Scheme within the local Community as well as within the fan base. In order to achieve this we have reached out to local and national media, sports personalities, previous players, local businesses and a number of high net worth individuals. We have also run a number of incentives for fans, such as match day hospitality to increase participation.

I think we have been pretty successful as we have raised to date well over £700,000 and have around 315 members of the Share Scheme. Contributions to the Scheme have dropped off recently but we will be developing some new initiatives for it in early 2017. The Scheme has been fundamental in keeping the Club going by providing essential working capital, as bank loans or overdrafts are pretty hard to come by. It has been great to be involved with this initiative which has provided such a lifeline to the Club.

As you probably know we have recently launched the 500 Club. This is an initiative to raise £75,000 to boost the playing budget, especially in the January transfer window. In conjunction with the Fans Council I have been leading the development and launch of the 500 Club. So far it’s been an amazing success, we have raised £23,000 in the first nine days and have 130 fans as members. We are over 30% towards our target but need lots more fans to join, so please think about signing up on

One of the things that the Trust tries to do is to keep the fans’ interests uppermost all the time and to keep them informed of what we do through the minutes of Trust meetings and by manning the Trust table in the Vere Suite on match days, so that fans can raise any issues with the Trust directors on duty that day. As part of my responsibilities with the Share Scheme and the 500 Club, I have been working closely with the Fans’ Council which has given me a closer feel for fans opinions in these areas.

Overall I have enjoyed the time I have spent so far as a director. I have been amazed at the dedication of both the staff and the volunteers and the hours that they are prepared to put in to support the Club. I’ll continue to do whatever I can to drive the success of the Club, including shouting loud and long from the stands to encourage and support the players, through thick and thin!!”

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