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Legacy Members Meeting – 28th January

I am pleased to confirm the Legacy Members meeting will take place on Monday 28th January, in the Hub (Wycombe Baptist Church), Easton Street, High Wycombe HP11 1NJ starting at 7.30 p.m.

The purpose of the meeting is to present to members the proposal for investment into the Club, by Jim Collis and Bill Luby. This meeting had been provisionally scheduled for 14th January but has been pushed back to allow for more time for details of the proposal to be discussed between the two parties.

Following the first meeting, a period of voting will open (circa three weeks) and members will be able to vote online or by post.

A second formal meeting will be called, where a further presentation will take place together with the opportunity to vote in person on the night. The votes will be counted on that night and the result declared.

As we are talking about selling a majority stake in the Club, 75% of the 810 Legacy Members have to vote in favour. The important message is a non-vote is a no vote and it would be criminal if apathy decided the future of our Football Club.

It is planned to issue details of the proposal before the first meeting, and there will be ample time to ask questions, at the meeting, as well as on-line during the voting period.

You should by now have received an e mail confirming your status as a Legacy member. If you have not received this communication, and believe you qualify to be a Legacy Member, please contact David Cook at David.cook@wwfc.com

A more detailed timetable and how the vote is to be conducted by Electoral Reform Services will be sent to Legacy Members in the next few days. In the meantime, please put the meeting date in your diaries.

We are entering one of the most important phases in the history of our Football Club, it is your Club and it is vital, that you understand what is being proposed, and exercise your democratic right to decide it’s future.

Trevor Stroud


Trust AGM Slides including Investor Update + Minutes

The Powerpoint slides used in the November 2018 Trust AGM – which include Trevor’s update on the American Investors – can be viewed via the following link WWSGL AGM 29 NOVEMBER 2018

Here are the minutes of the AGM 2018 AGM Minutes


More from the 2018 Trust AGM

Thanks to about 170 members who came to our AGM on Thursday night.

One feature this year was a presentation by Paul Foley, the Head of the club’s ‘community arm’ Wycombe Wanderers Sports and Education Trust.

You can see all of Paul’s presentation slides via this link WWFC Trust AGM Presentation

In particular slides 10-15 which outline the many different workstreams in which WWSET (a registered charity) is now involved.

The WWSET video is too big to upload here but can be viewed on our Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/wwtrust/

Do go to WWSET‘s website http://www.wwset.co.uk/ to find out even more which includes the WWSET strategic plan 2018-21 paper copies of which were on each chair last night to take away. Or you can read it here http://www.wwset.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/WWSET-Strategic-Plan-2018-21.pdf


Trust Members Update – 27th November

As previously announced the Trust AGM is taking place this Thursday, 29th November 2018 at 7.30pm in the Caledonian Suite.

Food will be available from 6.00 p.m. with the bar opening at the same time. Complimentary Tea & Coffee will also be available.

The AGM will follow the usual format i.e.

Adoption of the Minutes

Chairman’s report

Finance Report including appointment of the Auditors

Election of Directors

It has previously been announced that 5 people were standing for 4 places on the Trust Board, and therefore an election would be necessary. However, one of the candidates, John Bignell, has decided not to stand, meaning there are 4 people standing for 4 places. As a result of this, a ballot will not be necessary, and each candidate will be subject to an individual resolution to elect them. A statement from John Bignell regarding his decision is below.

“Changes to my personal circumstances recently have led to my decision over the weekend to regretfully withdraw my nomination to serve on the Trust Board as I am unable to give the time and commitment that I know will be needed for a further three years.

I will continue to support the Trust fully and indeed have agreed to continue with the membership duties to facilitate an orderly handover and through the very important Legacy vote period.

The Chairman and Board continue to have my full support especially in relation to their continuing negotiations with the potential investors.

My life long support of the club will obviously remain and I intend to continue with my match day duties and other commitments.

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve this past three years and I look forward to exciting times ahead for this great club of ours.”

The 4 candidates will still make their planned talks, so Members have a clearer understanding of their background and skills.

Following the official business of the evening, there will be a 15 minute presentation by Paul Foley the Head of Wycombe Wanderers Sports and Education Trust, who will update members on the work of WWSET.

I will then update members on the progress and planned timetable for the Legacy Members meeting and vote re the potential investment from Bill Luby and Jim Collis, and if time permits, we will finish the evening with a Q&A with myself and Michael Davies regarding Football Club matters.

For the first time we will be live streaming the AGM via the private Facebook group. If you are not already a member of the group, follow the link here https://www.facebook.com/groups/1930775593696898/ and request to join the group. Provided you are up to date with your membership you will be allowed to join and will be able to watch and hear proceedings. If you have a question to ask, please forward it to trevor@wycombewandererstrust.com and I will ensure it is asked and if appropriate, answered.

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday.
Trevor Stroud


Trust Membership Renewals Are (Over) Due

Membership fees for 2018-2019 became due on 1st November.

The majority of members pay by Standing Order but if you prefer other means you can pay by cash or cheque at the Trust table in the Caledonian Suite before our next home game.            

Alternatively send a cheque to Wycombe Wanderers Trust at Adams Park, Hillbottom Road, High Wycombe HP12 4HJ or pay directly into the Trust account, sort code 40-24-38, account no. 81390031 – using your membership number as your reference. 

If you are not yet a member and wish to join – you can do this at the Trust table in the Caledonian Suite or by emailing johnbig@wycombewandererstrust.com for an application form. You can also pick up a form from reception at Adams Park during office hours or download one here Membership Form 2019

Whatever way you pay your continued membership is much appreciated.

John Bignell
Membership Secretary


Audited Accounts FYE 30th June 2018 – UPDATED 7.11.18 & 20.11.18

22.10.18 The Audit of Accounts for Wycombe Wanderers Supporters Group Ltd, (t/a WW Trust), Wycombe Wanderers Football Club Ltd and Frank Adams Legacy Ltd has now been completed and most of the respective boards have now signed off their annual reports (WWSGL will do theirs this week).

Copy of the accounts for WWFC Ltd has now been sent to Ordinary and Founder Shareholders of that company by email (or by post where necessary) and a copy has been placed on this website under our Share Offer heading http://www.wycombewandererstrust.com/share-offer where, since the launch of the Trust Share Scheme, all our accounts have been available.

UPDATE: 7th November 2018 The signed audited accounts for Frank Adams Legacy Limited are now available and have been added to the same page – for sake of continuity

UPDATE: 20th November 2018 Ahead of the AGM next week, the audited accounts for Wycombe Wanderers Supporters Group Ltd (t/a WW Trust) have been added to the same page as above or can be viewed via this link WWSGL – signed accounts to 30.6.18


Trust Statement of Apology

Wycombe Wanderers Trust is aware of an inappropriate comment which was made publicly by one of its members at the meeting at Adams Park yesterday evening.

The Trust have today made contact with the member in question, who has acknowledged that the comment was unintentionally in extremely bad taste and apologised for the offence caused.


Trust Members Update – Informal Meeting with Potential Investors 7th November

At the meeting held on 12th September, the Trust members agreed in principle that the Club should seek external investment, with investors taking either a majority or a minority interest in the club in exchange for the provision of a permanent capital solution.

After significant debate and further investigations, your Trust Board has decided that the best route for securing the financial future of the Club is to move to a position where external investors own a majority of the shares, with the Trust owning a significant minority shareholding, being involved in the day-to-day running of the Club and having control over items such as team colours, crest and where the team plays. We have therefore continued our discussions with one of the investor groups and feel it is time to introduce them to you.

The investors concerned are Bill Luby and Jim Collis. Bill and Jim are American financial professionals with tremendous experience in sports especially football. We have known them for some time and are impressed not only with their acute understanding of the business of football, but also with their sensitivity to fan ownership and of the Trust’s continued participation in running the Club going forward. In addition, they appear to us have the financial wherewithal to continue to carry forward the Club with the aspirations of becoming a stable, secure and competitive League 1 club and even, in time, competing at a higher level. We will continue to carry out due diligence on them, but our current view is that they will be valuable partners and proper stewards for the Club.

If this plan is to be implemented, the approval of 75% of Legacy Members will be required, and a formal meeting and ballot will be held in due course. However, to start the process, we have invited Bill and Jim to join us for our home game against Oxford on Tuesday 6th November. We will then hold an informal evening at Adams Park on Wednesday 7th November to introduce them to Trust members and to give everyone an opportunity to say hello in person and to ask questions in an informal setting.

It must be stressed – this evening is designed to help us get to know them and to have them begin to
get to know the important stakeholders at the Club. There will be no formal presentations or votes
that evening, as these will take place at a future date once the formal process has been agreed.

The evening will be held in the Caledonian Suite, starting at 7.30pm, and doors will open at 6.00pm with food being available before the meeting starts.

This is the start of a hugely important part of Wycombe Wanderers’ history. The Trust board is very excited about the potential relationship with Bill and Jim and I would encourage all members, whether or not they are Legacy Members, to attend if they can. We plan to live stream the meeting again as we did for the last Members meeting for anyone unable to attend in person. More information on the streaming details will be forthcoming.

Trevor Stroud


Trust Matters – Saturday 20th October

These articles first appeared in yesterday’s matchday programme – ‘Parklife’

Meet your Trust Board: David Roberton

Having spent my working life in the Pharmaceutical and Nutrition industries, I now have time in retirement to give something back to my favourite pastime football, and in particular to Wycombe Wanderers.

I’m proud to be on the Boards of both WWSET and WWT and I look forward to helping both organisations develop their future activities for the benefit of the Football Club and the community of High Wycombe.

During my time as a Trust Director I had the opportunity and privilege to represent the Trust on the Board of WWFC and for part of that time I was involved in the signing of players including Paris Cowan Hall, Joe Jacobsen and Sido Jombati, who are still with the Club.

At most home games you will find me working behind the “Ale festival” bar in the Vere Suite if you would like a chat.

Wycombe Wanderers Ladies.

Two years ago David Roberton was given the task (not really a task!) of integrating a Ladies football team into the Club structure. The first season was 2017/18 and the team finished in mid table.

However for the 2018/19 season we now have three teams representing Wycombe Wanderers, namely one Ladies team and two under 18 girl teams. Currently the Ladies are unbeaten and top of their League, whilst one of the under 18 teams is also unbeaten and top of their League, whilst the other under 18 team are third in their League.

We are making progress and it would be nice to see a few Wycombe supporters attend a match or two, you might be surprised at the standard of some of the football played. You can also follow them on Twitter @wycombeladies

Notes from Trust Board Meeting 24.9.18

  • Cash flow end Oct/Nov tight.
  • August actuals vs Budget to be circulated w/c 1st Oct for review and comment by Board members.
  • WWFC accounts audit almost complete, aim is to sign off at Club board 8th Oct and distribute to WWFC Shareholders soon after.    WWSGL audit nearly complete.
  • Legacy members now at 566. Action to contact 815 STH, who are not Trust members but have held season tickets for 4 consecutive seasons. They are eligible to become Legacy members once they join the Trust.
  • Fans attendance up 5% so far, bar and shop sales also up.
  • Reading FC contracted to play at AP for 2 more years and will contribute to pitch renovation costs.
  • Chairboys Funders Board meeting 6th Oct. John Bartlett was ratified as its Finance Officer, replacing the retiring Reg Rundle. Many thanks to Reg for all his work for CFF. Teresa Sleven appointed as new CFF Chairperson. Accounts signed off.
  • Fans Council feedback to be added to Board Agenda as a regular item.
  • Further discussions have been held with investors as per the Future Steps outlined at 12th Sept mtg. The aim is to be able to advise Trust members of latest status within the next couple of weeks.

Why the Trust Matters

Trust ownership has given the Club a level of stability that had been lacking previously. The Trust, a volunteer led, democratic organisation, passionately believes in the preservation of the heritage and history of our Club and seeks to share it with the wider community. The Trust is not constrained by the whims of individual Directors or owners.  All Trust members are equal and anyone can be elected or co-opted onto the Trust Board and, from there, onto the Club Board. The Trust’s annual subscription of £10 per annum makes Trust membership accessible to all. If you would like to join the Trust, or if your membership has lapsed, now is a good time to join. Contact John Bignell at johnbig@btinternet.com or come to the Trust table in the Caledonian Suite on home matchdays.

Trust Matters Feedback

If you have any queries about Trust Matters or if you would like us to consider adding something to the next edition, please contact Trust Matters editor, Nigel Kingston on nigel@ascom.net 


Become A Legacy Member

The Trust, working together with the Fans Council, has identified that there are a large number of supporters who are in their fourth consecutive year of holding a WWFC Season Ticket but who do not hold the status of being a Legacy Member.

Equally there are Trust members who are not Legacy members because they are not a holder of a full Season Ticket for the past four seasons. Unless, by renewing your season ticket for 18/19, you then become a ‘four- year’ ST holder, in which case you become a Legacy Member with the voting rights defined below.

Under the Trust’s Rules, a Legacy Member has the following voting rights on:

      • any decision to sell, transfer or otherwise dispose of Adams Park;


      • any decision to sell, transfer or otherwise dispose of shares in the Club that would result in the Trust’s shareholding being less than 50% +1;


      • any decision to sell Club memorabilia; and


    • such other decisions (relating to the history and character of the Club) as the Board of Directors may reasonably determine from time to time.

If you are not a Trust member but have held a full Season ticket for the past four seasons and have or even have not received an email inviting you to join the Trust, then you can join the Trust by picking up a form from the Trust Table in the Caledonian Suite on matchdays or by downloading a copy of Membership Form 2019 which, when received together with your membership fee for the coming year, would result in your becoming a Legacy Member with the voting rights defined above.

Your Trust wishes to encourage you to join the already 810 strong Trust members who are also currently Legacy Members, with the aim of ensuring that the Football Club achieves its’ true potential.

The Trust, but more importantly, THE CLUB needs you!


Trust Matters – Saturday 29th September 2018

The following was published in today’s match programme ‘Parklife’:

Meet your Trust Board: David Smith

David started supporting Wycombe Wanderers in 1999, prompted by his daughter’s growing interest in the game. While she went on first to be a mascot in the 2000/01 FA Cup run, and then to play for the WW Ladies team, he became a keen supporter of the Blues.

A trust member since May 2012, David is a passionate believer in the fan ownership model, although since becoming a director of the Trust in 2016 he has found his ideals tempered with a heavy dose of reality.

He is full of admiration for the time and commitment invested in the club over the years by the directors of both the Trust and the club itself and felt privileged to be elected to the Trust. He was subsequently appointed Corporate Secretary of the Trust.

David qualified as a solicitor in 1981. He is a partner in a City firm of solicitors and hopes that his more than 35 years of experience advising private and public companies on, among other things, the legal aspects of financial matters will be of benefit to the Trust, particularly in the current discussions regarding the future financing of the club.

Andrew Howard to Leave Wanderers

Sporting Director Andrew Howard has decided to resign from the Football Club Board at the end of October. He came into the Club in 2014 as Chairman, when it was in a parlous state after almost going out of the Football League at the end of the season. Since then he has been instrumental in changing the fortunes of the Club and putting it back on the road to sustainability. He has worked closely with Gareth Ainsworth over the last four years, which culminated in our promotion to League 1 at the end of last season.

The Trust would like to put on record its huge appreciation of everything that Andrew has done for the Club. We are grateful for the time, energy and effort he has put in, often to the detriment to his own business and his personal life but are pleased to know that he will be continuing his involvement with the club both as a sponsor and a supporter.

Notes from Trust Board Meeting 30.8.18

  • Working to improve cashflow in 4th quarter.
  • July actuals close to budget figures (excluding player income).
  • WWFC accounts audit in review stage, aiming for sign off in October. WWSGL audit moving to review stage.
  • Legacy members list being constantly updated.
  • Kiosk outsourcing confirmed, will start mid-September.
  • Number of volunteers for car parking/programme selling increased.
  • Work to improve/update Trust website agreed on a volunteer basis.
  • AGM fixed for 29th November

Why the Trust Matters

Trust ownership has given the Club a level of stability that had been lacking previously. The Trust, a volunteer led, democratic organisation, passionately believes in the preservation of the heritage and history of our Club and seeks to share it with the wider community. The Trust is not constrained by the whims of individual Directors or owners.  All Trust members are equal and anyone can be elected or co-opted onto the Trust Board and, from there, onto the Club Board. The Trust’s annual subscription of £10 per annum makes Trust membership accessible to all. If you would like to join the Trust, or if your membership has lapsed, now is a good time to join. Contact John Bignell at johnbig@btinternet.com or come to the Trust table in the Caledonian Suite on home matchdays.

Trust Matters Feedback

If you have any queries about Trust Matters or if you would like us to consider adding something to the next edition, please contact Trust Matters editor, Nigel Kingston on nigel@ascom.net


Mark Burrell steps down from Club and Trust Boards

Mark Burrell has taken the decision to step down from his positions as a Director on the boards of both Wycombe Wanderers Football Club and Wycombe Wanderers Trust, effective from October 8th.

Burrell joined the Trust Board having been elected by Trust members in February 2015, and joined the Football Club Board in June 2015 to work with then-Chairman Andrew Howard and Trevor Stroud to improve the operations and financial stability of the club.

Taking on the role as Group Finance Director, Mark played a pivotal role in significantly developing the financial management of the Football Club and Trust, including the day-to-day needs of the club’s working capital cashflow and strategic long-term needs in terms of funding further success and development on and off the pitch.

However, Mark feels the time is right for him to pass on the responsibility of governing the finances in order to focus his efforts on to his own business.

He said: “Being part of Wycombe Wanderers Football Club has been an amazing experience since 2015, getting to understand the detail and brutal reality of what it takes to run and fund the club, especially with the confined finances associated with being a fan-owned club.”

“I have given so much time and effort to work with others to change the club and make significant progress towards off-field financial survival and stability.”

“However, that work has come at a cost to my business and it is now right for others to take the Group finances and investment opportunities forward. I’m pleased to have played my part in delivering these opportunities at the recent Trust Members meeting  and now others will take the plans forward as a team.”

“I owe this to my business, my clients and my family as there has to be a limit to how much individuals can do as an unpaid volunteer.  I am looking forward to being able to watch Wycombe Wanderers as a fan again as we strive to make a success of our first season back in League 1.”

Chairman Trevor Stroud said: “The finances have come from a complex and extremely challenging position to a point now where we have a clear understanding, for which we owe a great deal to Mark and I’d like to place on record our sincere gratitude for the expertise and dedication he has brought to both boards.”

“Mark’s contributions have enabled us to present an attractive proposition to potential investors who may be able to take the club forward, and we thank him for everything he’s done and wish him every success and happiness for the future.”

“We will review the requirements of both boards over the coming weeks with a view to welcoming new ideas and expertise, but in the meantime, we are pleased that Martyn Broughton – who is Group Treasurer for the Trust and club – will be helping to cover Mark’s role until a long-term appointment is made.”