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Welcome to the Wycombe Wanderers Trust

  • "Safeguarding our heritage and promoting a successful and sustainable future."

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These are the main documents plus links for the additional information referred to in the brochure

PLEASE NOTE THAT WEF 1st JULY 2018 THERE IS NO LONGER ANY TAX RELIEF AVAILABLE UNDER THE ENTERPRISE INVESTMENT SCHEME. Please read this announcement  http://www.wycombewandererstrust.com/2018/07/important-change-to-the-trust-community-share-scheme




  • Rules Sept 2014 – Rules/Constitution of WW Trust as a Community Benefit Society



(A bit more about Pompey‘s scheme: http://clubdevelopment.coop/homepage/case-study/portsmouth-fc/ )

(A bit more about Wrexham‘s scheme: http://clubdevelopment.coop/homepage/case-study/wrexham-fc/ )

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